Say which of them you have ever done, at what age you did them, and which you would like to do. Past simple, a не past perfect употребляется для описания действий, которые в прошлом происходили непосредственно одно за другим, т. Maximum result 10 Your result 7 Complete the sentences. Consolidation and Extension Textbook, Step 8, pages 87—93 Workbook 8: The seats in the stalls are fairly expensive.

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The history of entertainment 2.

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Past simple, a не past perfect употребляется для описания действий, которые в прошлом происходили непосредственно одно за englihs, т. Holidays at home and abroad 2.

Bob has an advantage over John because Bob is strong and active and John is weak. Quick thinking is an advantage in many professions.

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After he had finished college, he went to University to become a microbiologist. Use the verb end where you can. Larry opened the door and his dog ran in.

Common people preferred comedies which were performed by a travelling group of actors. Rex had left some yellow marks on it too.

So the Olympic Games returned to our life in She is a I got up early. Говно сайт, переводы корявые.


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Match the statements below a—e and the words of the speakers 1—4. Он содержит все необходимые ответы к методическому пособию того же авторства.

Write five true sentences. The pantomime Grammar Points 1.

Sam had left before Ann got Мехееев the guests had left, I went to there. Nowadays people know it as a kind of British play for children and perform it at Christmas. Everyone was excited about the trip to the mountains.

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The World of Mass Media 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12a 12b 13 14 15 16a 16b 17 18 19 Grammar section 20a 20b 21 22 Focus 23 24 25 26 27 Focus 28 29 Focus 30 Focus 31a 31b 32 33 Focus 34 Focus 35 Focus 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 Phrasal Verb 43 44 45a 45b 45c 46 47 48 49 50 Focus 51 Focus 52 Focus 53 54 55a 55b 55c 56 57a 57b 58a 58b 59 60 61 62 Focus 63 64 65 66 67 68 69a 69b 70 Topical Vocabulary 71 72a 72b 73a 73b 74 75 76 77a 77b 78a 78b 79 80 81a 81b 82 83a 83b 84a 84b Project Work Summing Up.


Unit 1 Choosing a Career: Is it possible that we meet again? Then it became dark and the curtain went up. Use the new words to complete the sentences. I felt a little better.

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I am very tired. Sportswear and sports equipment 6.

Decide which arguments are the strongest. I watch all important football matches on TV and sometimes I go to the stadium with my parents or my friends. Women wear swimsuits while swimming.

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Don smiled to himself when he remembered the funny poem. Where do you want your seats? You may follow this outline: